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One-off Consultation

Dr Alex has over 14 years of experience in the fertility field, and he understands that sometimes you require specific assessment or reassurance about a particular aspect of your treatment. You may not want to change your full treatment plan strategy or move to another clinic. You may need another opinion to confirm that everything has been examined, weighed, and assessed properly.  "One-off Consultation" service is designed for individuals who are seeking Dr. Alex's expertise on specific topics to supplement their existing treatment, even if they are not currently under his care.

Here are some common examples of when a "One-off Consultation" would be appropriate: 

  • Checking your treatment plan issued by another doctor/clinic

  • Interpreting the outcome of an investigation that was not suggested by your primary doctor/clinic

  • Seeking a second opinion on a particular blood result, scan report, or histology report

  • Seeking advice on potential add-ons to your treatment 

  • Getting medical literature about a specific topic


However, a "One-off Consultation" would not be appropriate in the following situations: 


  • Seeking to move to another clinic 

  • Looking to change the current treatment strategy being followed by your doctor/clinic 

  • Seeking a completely new treatment plan 

  • Seeking a full assessment of where you stand in your treatment journey

  • Looking to get feedback after a negative pregnancy test when Dr Alex did not prepare the treatment plan 

 If you have any questions about which consultation to book from the menu, please send us an email at

medical literature , embryo biopsy,  endometrial biopsy

If you are seeking a comprehensive assessment, along with a tailored strategy that includes the number of cycles required, possible side effects, and realistic expectations from a cycle. In that case, I recommend booking a consultation. You will receive personalized, unbiased advice and a treatment plan that is customized to your individual needs.

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